Six Mile Hill Project

The Six Mile Hill project comprises three exploration licences, EL 4494, EL 5498, EL 5591; with a total area of 967km2 located northwest of Port Augusta

The project area lies on the eastern margin of the Gawler Craton and straddles the boundary between the Spencer Domain and the Olympic Domain.

The Olympic Domain has long been recognised as prospective for IOCG mineralisation, hosted in hematite-magnetite breccia complexes.  IOCG mineralisation on the Gawler Craton is related to the Mesoproterozoic ~1590 Ma thermal magmatic event which produced the Hiltaba Granite Suite and co-magmatic Gawler Range Volcanics.

The Six Mile Hill project occupies a prime structural address for potential mineralisation.  The Roopena Shear Zone runs through the Six Mile Hill project area.  District scale faults are predominately oriented NE/NW and reveal a pronounced NE/SW oriented gravity ridge.  Geophysical modelling indicates the possible presence of granitic bodies thought related to the Hiltaba Granite Suite.

Kingston has completed detailed 3D inversion modelling of high resolution gravity and magnetic data over three key areas at the Six Mile Hill project.  The modelling has revealed several compelling Iron Oxide Copper Gold (IOCG) drill targets.

Figure 3: Residual Regional Bouguer gravity (2.67g/cc) with gravity features from regional data in blue. Key areas selected for 3D inversion modelling in yellow polygons.  IOCG targets as stars.    Figure width ~33km.
Figure 1: District geological setting showing major structures and interpreted basement geology
Figure 2: Residual Regional Bouguer gravity (2.67g/cc) with regional structure (black), interpreted felsic intrusives (pink) and gravity features (blue).   Note pronounced NE/SW oriented gravity ridge.

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